More professional and Olympic athletes trust USANA than any other nutritional supplement in the world.

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More professional and Olympic athletes TRUST USANA than any other nutritional supplement in the world.

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We Are USANA Athletes

Athletes are always breaking records, pushing boundaries and taking their performance to the limit. They work hard, play hard, and train hard. They eat, sleep, and drink to win. And with all of the stressors they put on their bodies they also understand the need to supplement their extraordinary lifestyles with top-of-the-line nutrition.

So it’s no wonder why thousands of world-class athletes trust their health to USANA and its high-quality supplements. They know the safety and quality associated with each USANA product is guaranteed to be pure and free of any banned substances. Can any other supplement company say the same? Didn’t think so. Because at the end of the day USANA stays ahead of its competition, and only champions choose USANA.


USANA Athletes is proud to partner with world-class organizations across the globe. For 20 years USANA has partnered with some of the world's best sports organizations. USANA is the proud and Official Nutritional Supplier of:

KT Wiz
USA Swimming
Vodafone Warriors
VfL Wolfsburg
"I have been taking USANA products for close to 20 years now, and they provide me with the nutrition I need to keep moving, I truly believe in the brand and we're excited to partner with a health and wellness company that shares our passion for healthy living to provide our community with only the best nutritional products available."
-Spartan Founder and CEO Joe De Sena
““The biggest part about having USANA helping me out is providing me with nutritionals that I can trust. I’ve seen their facility and it’s to the highest standard. I know what I take is clean, I know that it’s safe and that it’s nutrient rich.”
– Chris Mazdzer, USA Luge silver medalist
“USANA products* are some of the highest quality available and our partnership with USANA allows for safe, potent, and convenient nutritional supplements for our elite athletes. These products are certainly a key part of our performance plan toward 2022."
-Allen Tran, High Performance Chef & Dietitian of US Ski & Snowboard