Trust is a major issue for athletes competing for a place in the Olympics and other high-profile athletic competitions. Taking nutritional supplements to help maintain health shouldn’t place an athlete at risk for testing positive for a banned substance. Broadly publicized allegations of contaminants in supplements lead many top athletes to wonder if taking supplements will jeopardize their future ability to qualify for competition.

In fact, national Olympic committees have warned athletes of the potential danger of contaminants, encouraging them not to consume any nutritional supplements.

To date, no nutritional supplement company has stepped forward to assume their portion of the liability that a banned substance contamination would create. USANA offers an ironclad solution through its Athlete Guarantee Program. This confident stance in a high-stakes venture strengthens our industry‐leading position and affirms our commitment to providing “Nutritionals You Can Trust.”

Our Athlete Guarantee Program permits select athletes, some of whom have high profiles, to enter an agreement with USANA.

During the term of the agreement, should the athlete test positive for a banned substance included in World Anti‐Doping Agency regulations as a result of taking USANA nutritional products, USANA will compensate that athlete two times their current annual earnings up to $1 million, based on the athlete’s personal level of competition, endorsement, and other income, as well as other factors.

Are you ready to take your place among the elite? Learn more about this program and your potential eligibility by sending an email to our Athlete & Sponsorship team with “Athlete Guarantee Program” as the subject line.

“AFC Bournemouth is playing against the world’s most elite football teams, and we are not leaving any stone unturned in the pursuit of excellence. Health is key when it comes to performance and USANA* is providing our team with the best nutritional supplements available.”
-Eddie Howe, AFC Bournemouth Manager

NSF Certified for Sport®

USANA is proud that six of our world-class products have been validated through NSF Certified for Sport® program and are available for you to purchase, meaning you’ll be fueling your body with the same products as some of the best athletes in the world.Take a look at our winning lineup of certified products below. Hover over each product for a short description; click here for more information.

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Informed-Choice is a quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. It is a monitoring program that certifies that a supplement product and/or raw material that bears the Informed-Choice logo has been ‘skip-lot’ tested (tested at least on a monthly basis) for banned substances by LGC’s world-class sports anti-doping lab.

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U.S. Pharmcopeia (USP) Testing

USANA undergoes trusted USP testing methods to verify products adhere to USP dissolution standards, ensuring the nutrients will be released and made readily available for absorption during the normal digestive process.

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